ENC 1101 - Strand IV: Expression Through Narrative , Analysis, & Argument Edit

I have chosen to work with strand IV of ENC 1101 because I believe that its structure of narrative, analysis, and argument, is highly applicable to students work in an academic setting as well as flexible enough to have them develop composition skills that they can use in fields outside of school and with many audiences. I see that the structure of asking them to create a narrative, analyze a text, and write a persuasive essay is going to prepare them for much of the work that they will be asked to do as they progress through their own college careers. What’s more, think think that there is the possibility to create a class design in which students are asked to work with a single topic through the whole of the semester; each individual project can function as a shift in how they are composing about a subject while they stay on topic and learn to develop a recursive writing process. I think that by creating a through line for the whole class I can focus the class on developing my students writing process to include revision, like I have discussed in my teaching philosophy and read in the work of scholars such as Shipka. By the end of the semester they will have had the opportunity to work through what can be viewed as the same work but revised multiple times and into multiple forms. 

ENC 2135 - Strand III: Three Ways to Approach Genre Edit

In my teaching philosophy is articulated a heavy interest in having my students work to develop an understanding and ability to work with genre. As such, it should be no surprise that I have chosen to work in stand III for ENC 2135. I was particularly drawn to how I can create class that asks students to start the semester by reading different genres and understanding how they function with an analytical paper before moving on to a teaching a research paper as genre – specifically asking early work in the project to be paired with research that I will give them as examples of what the genre they are being asked to produce is. Finally, the project in three genres will ask students to shift their earlier work into different genres, as I suggested in my response to Devitt’s article, and reflect on how the shift changed their work’s content. I think this is the perfect stand to focus my students on the idea of genre and how it effects all the texts they read.

Works Cited Edit

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